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NAVRISK Insurance Software: An Industry-Leading RMIS

NAVRISK is a full service risk management and insurance software solution currently in production with various Insured Organizations, TPAs, and Risk Pools. NAVRISK has helped clients dramatically reduce their cost per claim, cut administrative costs in half and recognize six-figure operational savings through automated workflow, a sophisticated business rules engine and integrated core systems. NAVRISK is a RMIS which integrates claims, policy and reporting to help organizations improve operations, reduce expenses, increase productivity and enhance agent and customer satisfaction.  

Built on the Microsoft .Net technology stack, NAVRISK is designed to run on any computing device including tablet and mobile devices that support Windows 8. NAVRISK simplifies business processing by using intelligent software to automate decision-making - from policy rating and issuance to claim entry and settlement. The NAVRISK suite is adaptable to the needs of the enterprise, featuring visual workflows; reporting, analytics, and business intelligence tools; a collaborative work environment; and tools for monitoring, managing, and measuring processes and productivity. Based on business process management capabilities and a robust Business Rules Engines, NAVRISK automates repetitive tasks, minimizes manual intervention, establishes consistent practices, and provides operational transparency.

NAVRISK comprises an integrated RMIS platform, focused functionality, and content that can be shared with insureds, agents, claimants, providers, vendors, attorneys, and other parties to insurance transactions.

The complete suite consists of NAVRISK Policy, NAVRISK ClaimsNAVRISK Analytics, and NAVRISK Mobile App which can be licensed as a completely integrated suite or by individual product.

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Insurance Risk Management Information Systems

DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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